I'm a spatial designer and audio-visual media artist and I'm unsatisfied with this reality. I have a particular interest in strangeness and uncanny moments. When technology fails or behaves contrary to an expectation, it usually reveals it's true face. Someone else once called a similar condition "the absurd". I work at the intersection between light art, media art and club culture.

In my theory works I explore dualistic notions of media: digital - analog / software - hardware / cyberspace - meatspace / virtuality - reality / etc... I argue in this context that the metaphysical images of media correspond to an urge to eliminate the body and try to break down this binary. In the moment of realization that the supposed worlds are one and the same, reality becomes uncanny. There is no ghost in the shell.

In addition to my artistic practice and theoretical considerations, I have already worked as a curator, art director and filmmaker.


2018-2023 at the Digital Media program (B.A.) of HfK Bremen.

since 2023 at the Digital Media program (M.A.) of HfK Bremen.

2019-2023 member of the FSR DM, the StuKo DM, the GbA DM and the Hej-Team of HfK Bremen.

2019-2022 speaker for cultural affairs at AStA HfK Bremen.


since 2019 member of the experimental radio station Radio Angrezi.

since 2020 member of the Irgendwo collective - A outdoor club / cultural center.

since 2021 part of the Design, Light-Design and Operating Team of Seebühne (Fusion Festival)

2023 Art director of Seebühne (Fusion Festival)


January 2020: "klang, kleidung" at Neo Fashion Best Graduates Show @ Fashion Week Berlin

February 2020: "klang, kleidung" at Hochschultage HfK Bremen

Summer 2021: "Untitled (Ballerrahmen)" at Irgendwo Bremen

June / July 2022: "Second Sun" & "Untitled (Ballerrahmen)" at Fusion Festival

July - September 2022: "Second Sun" & "Untitled (Ballerrahmen)" at Irgendwo Bremen

March 2023: "Untitled (Ballerrahmen)" at zfk Licht | Raum- Festival

May 2023: "RAYARRAY" at "Iterations" - Masterproject-Exhibition