Klang, Kleidung

is an interactive sound installation about the interconnectedness of humankind no matter where we come from, what we look like, our age, gender, religion, etc.


Year of production: 2019-2020

>> Concept, design and engineering by Simon Lang

>> Concept, design and fabrication by Luca Voss

MIDI notes generated by motion, acceleration, distance and touch.

2 Arduino Sketches, 1 Ableton Arrangement, 1 DMX Node


Klang, Kleidung consists of a room full of sound and light and four large coats which visitors of the exhibition can slip into and explore. The stitched patterns combine organic elements such as body parts, plants and waters into a single stream that reflects the history of humankind. The carpet on which we move is a reminder of 1001 Nights and unites everyone in a common garden that we share.

Art project Klang, Kleidung by simon lang

Whoever wears one of the coats will hear a melody and tell a story, which is composed by oneself. Via sensors and microcontrollers, which are hidden in the lining of the garments, as well as an Ableton Live arrangement, the movement and interaction with other visitors is transformed into light and sound. The more intense the movements and the closer we get to the other person, the more the composition becomes alive. Together we become an orchestra.

Art project Klang, Kleidung by simon lang

The body as a point of origin and transition for the interaction. It is the human body and the spaces in which it moves. In a garden we all share. Space emerges between us, the body itself always as the center. Let's make the space smaller and listen to how we move towards each other, caressing and creating a sound together. The garden of encounters to realize how similar we are to each other.

The human being at the center.

Art project Klang, Kleidung by simon lang Art project Klang, Kleidung by simon lang