Waves in a void

is an interactive sound installation about isolation and failing contact, against the countless growing number of communication media.


Year of production: 2020

Constructed from 18mm Birch MPX

Legs built from steel pipe

3d printed handset.

Digital delay, amplifier and speaker are located in the telephone


The attempt to call outwards becomes an echo of yourself and ends in a noise of information. The message has annihilated itself without ever reaching it's destination.

You can take a seat, make a call, but who's actually listening?

Art project Waves in a void by simon lang

The telephone is the selected communication medium of the past century. Hardly anything else is so representative for communication, language and connectivity. You now have the given opportunity to completely submit yourself to the medium. And if you dare, you enter an almost intimate connection with the medium. The position which you place yourself awakens a feeling of shelter and fragility, with the knowledge that your words could reach the entire globe.

But do you have the courage to speak?

Art project Waves in a void by simon lang

If you do, you will realize that all the promises were just hopes. Everything you have to say will return and get entagled in a feedback loop. Re-spoken, re-recorded, re-sent, re-copied - your words find no termination, become aimless, echoing through you with no sender and no reciever. And with each repetition a piece of the original is lost, until only the common information noise of the world remains. You are both sender and receiver, but who else but yourself have been reached by your words?

Art project Waves in a void by simon lang Art project Waves in a void by simon lang Art project Waves in a void by simon lang