is a node-based generative light installation that reflects collective behavior and explores the emerging systems.


Year of production: 2022-2023

>> Concept, design and engineering by Simon Lang

>> Design and Programming by Lucca Vitters

50 Nodes made of a custom PCB in a 3D printed bracket on which the motor controller and an ESP8266 micro-controller are located. The four connectors are 1/4“ jack sockets. A node can carry a mirror or a laser.

100 Jumpers made of 35mm alimunium tube with 1/4“ jacks on the ends. The Jumpers form the static framework as well as the power supply for the nodes.

The ESPs receive signals via WIFI from a processing application and use the data to operate the motors.

Find the code, schematics and technical details on GitHub


Art project Waves in a void by simon lang

The laser beams entering the grid are reflected by a multitude of mirrors, forming a complex pattern. The rotation of the mirrors creates a continuously changing light sculpture, sometimes chaotic, sometimes organized. The name RAYARRAY is composed of the two terms RAY and ARRAY. "Ray" is in this case a laser beam, while "array" comes from informatics and describes an arrangement or a field. RAYARRAY means as much as "A field of rays." and is therefore a reflection on collective behavior, since the individual nodes act autonomously from each other but are visibly connected by the entering laser beams and the resulting reflections.

Art project Waves in a void by simon lang

The light as a source of information is constantly reflected from node to node and generates the perceivable system. A field of possibilities that emerges from the obscurity. The longer the observation of the light, the more distinctive and at the same time reoccurring patterns appear. Not the entities themselves are the critical element, but the emerging relations determine a system. RAYARRAY as a closed system represents a room that breaks the illusion of a reality, because it creates a new room using the laser beams, another room apart from the absolute existing one.

Art project Waves in a void by simon lang

RAYARRAY was developed during my bachelor thesis on the subject RAVE A detailed reflection on the installation can be found in this context.

Art project Waves in a void by simon lang

Photos by Benjamin Schlemmer